DefenseProShop Apple Devices Mock Up

DefenseProShop Case Study

The Brief

DefenseProShop was a basic eCommerce website built on the ZenCart software framework. The object was to redesign the website to get more customers through organic search results and outrank established competitors. We also wanted a great looking and professional website that would appeal to new customers once they arrived at the website.

Our Approach

We kicked off the project with research into the competitors in the self defense and surveillance industry to see what they were doing, what was working well for them and any opportunities we could pursue to get the best results.

With keyword list and strategy in hand, we built out the website framework with the focus on these opportunities.

We took a content-first approach and created locally optimized and keyword targeted website pages and content which would funnel the visitors to the successful conversion.

The website design was structured around the key goal of getting website visitors to purchase products and establish a social media relationship. We positioned social media icons prominently on both desktop and mobile devices so it’s always easily viewable from any page. Other elements on the page were created to convey company trust effectively, showcase the products and build confidence.

We designed the website with the goals to increase sales and growing the customers list by making the signing process and the checkout process much simpler and faster therefore making it easier for visitors to complete the sale.

The overall website design was modern, bold and clean with a style that compliments the self defense and surveillance industry.

The Result

Within 4 weeks after the new website launched, the website page views had grown by over 99% and the bounce rate was reduced by 32%.

DefenseProShop quickly outranked key competitors for local search terms which has resulted in the website receiving an increased volume of visits from customers within the local area.

Without any additional marketing expense, DefenseProShop has been able to get a consistent and growing customer base through the traffic received via the website ranking highly in Google search.